Horrific Honorifics

by Crippled Black Phoenix



Horrific Honorifics

The time is right for CBP to finally release a recording made up of cover versions.

New EP “Horrific Honorifics” is an unashamed celebration of songs that have either influenced Justin Greaves and CBP in music and life, or have been on the “cover song short list” for quite some time, waiting to be recorded once the opportunity arose.

Throughout the history of the band there have always been the occasional cover songs, but mostly consigned to the extra-or-hidden-track department, although a couple of songs made it onto albums such as “Of A Lifetime” on I,Vigilante, and most recently “Turn To Stone” on the critically acclaimed album BRONZE, which were instant hits and popular live songs. Now it’s time to dedicate a whole release to this CBP tradition.

Greaves says about the recording - “These songs are ones i have wanted to record for some time, ones where i feel a connection, and ones where i just simply want to have a go at doing our own version out of respect for a good tune. Songs like “False Spring”, “In Bad Dreams” and “The Faith Healer” have been constant companions in my music listening, and when i listen i could kinda hear CBP doing a half-decent attempt on them. Other songs on this recording mean a lot more to me, like “Victory”, “Will-O-The-Wisp” and “The Golden Boy Swallowed By The Sea”, they are songs that hit a little deeper into my emotions for various reasons. So I’m really glad to be able to do these covers finally, some are quite faithful to the original, and a couple are more transformed into the CBP way of things, but they’re all done out of respect”.


released July 6, 2017

Actual realisation performeded on this recording by:

J.Greaves - Drums, Percussion, Lead/Rythm Guitars
D.Änghede - Vocals
M.Furnevall - Synthesizers, Bass
B.Kordic - Vocals, Lead Vocal on “Will-O-The-Wisp
H.Stanley - Piano, Harmonium, Backing Vocals
J.Stålhammar - Added Guitar
E.Mansfield - Vocals on “The Faith Healer”
C.Caulfield - Violin “Will-O-The-Wisp” & “The Golden Boy Swallowed By The Sea”
R.Potter - Mandola on “Will-O-The-Wisp”
D.Chapman - Backing Vocals on “False Spring” & “In Bad Dreams”

Recordead at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire. May 2017 A.D.
by Sam Harper, Assisted by Luke Farnell

Mixeded and Masteredered at Tri-Lamb Studio, Stockholm
by Karl Daniel Lidén

Producered by J.Greaves


“Tigger Cat” illustration by Barnabas Collins - barbersart.tumblr.com / www.facebook.com/barbersart
“Magic Circle” logo by Matthew Dunn - www.matthewdunnart.com / www.facebook.com/matthewdunnart

“False Spring” originally performed by Arboretum, written by Neumann / Wilson
“The Golden Boy Swallowed By The Sea” originally performed by Swans, written by Jarboe / Michael Gira
“Will-O-The-Wisp” originally performed by Magnolia Electric Co, written by Jason Molina
“Victory” originally performed by No Means No, written by No Means No
“In Bad Dreams” originally performed by The God Machine, written by Robin Proper-Sheppard, Jimmy Fernandez, Ronald Austin
“The Faith Healer” originally performed by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, written by Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, Zal Cleminson

CBP live band of fools is:
J.Greaves, D. Änghede, M.Funevall, B.Wilsker, H.Stanley, J.Stålhammar, B.Kordic, T.Greenway

CBP Management:
Eric Mansfield - esquimaux@hotmail.co.uk / info@crippledblackphoenix.co.uk



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